Promus Outlook Granger Project

The Promus Outlook Granger (POG) Project will convert organic waste from roughly 5,500 dairy cows into more than 800,000 gasoline gallon equivalents per year of pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG), bio-fertilizers, and fiber products. It also will create marketable environmental attributes (in particular, currently, carbon offset credits and RINs).

The RNG off-take model will differ from conventional digester projects in the U.S. in that rather than combusting the RNG to produce electricity for sale to an electric utility, the Project will (a) market the RNG directly to nearby transportation fleets and (b) inject the RNG into the interstate pipeline grid via a nearby major transission pipeline for a potentially broad array of off-takers on the grid, including utilities and distant direct vehicle fleets. 

The viability of this off-take model has been established by the Project team’s execution of contractcs from RNG purchasers.  The general model is also being successfully applied at the Fair Oaks Dairy in Indiana, using RNG-fueled milk trucks in a three-state area

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