Converting waste into low-carbon renewables and revenue

*We are a renewable energy development company that converts organic wastes into ultra-low carbon intensity (CI) fuels.  Promus has developed, and is successfully operating, one of the first dairy-digester RNG projects in the Pacific NW.  We are also developing biogas-to-power projects to charge electric vehicles with carbon-negative electricity.  These projects turn dairy waste problems into revenues while producing the lowest CI transportation fuel available. *

 With maturing and expanding state and federal carbon markets, 45 combined years of energy and renewable project development expertise, and trusted partnerships with dairies, Promus is building on its history as a pioneering leader in the waste-to-renewables arena.

*In accordance with the carbon emission disclosure requirements of CA AB-1305, Promus carbon reduction claims based on the negative Carbon Intensity (CI) fuel pathway score approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for Promus projects. See link for example project and for methodology (CA GREET 3 Simplified Calculator) used for CI scoring and for information on 3rd party verification by ICF. CI for Promus’ projects is monitored on an ongoing basis and reported to CARB.

Promus Project CARB CI Scoring Supporting Documentation

transportation fuel

Our project will market the RNG for transportation fuel and a potentially broad array of off-takers on the grid, including utilities and distant direct vehicle fleets.  In addition we will be helping Dairies reach and exceed EPA complience as well as capture and regenerate dairy waste into reusable and renewable products.

energy project development

We provide immediate expertise and resources for companies in the planning and implementation phases of commercial expansion and project development. Learn more about how we can help you develop your next energy project here.

Turning Waste into Revenue

Our digester-based system turns wastes, pollution, and regulatory friction into revenue-generating products. Learn more about waste to revenue systems here.

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